Criticism Today and Society (CActuS)

The “Critical Theory of Society” represents a specific field of research in the German and French contemporary philosophical discussion but it cannot be subsumed under a unified paradigm of thinking. This ANR/DFG programm of research undertakes a systematic investigation about “criticism”. CActuS studies carefully the French and German philosophical approaches whose aim is to express a critical theory of society. This cross-disciplinary study takes into account the significant continuities and discontinuities we are confronted with in the methodological (what approach of “society”?), ontological (what reality for the object “society”?) and metaphysical (what is the status of the criteria of criticism?) dimensions and tries to find out how they structure the field of social critique.

CActuS investigates three areas: A historical study of the concept of criticism (I); critical approaches on social reality (II); the actual relevance of criticism today and its political implications.

More details in the French version.


Prof. Gérard Raulet (Paris IV/Weimar/IRICE)
Prof. Catherine Colliot-Thélène (Rennes 1/EA Philosophie des normes/IUF)
Prof. Franck Fischbach (Université de Strasbourg)
Prof. Stéphane Haber (Paris Ouest Nanterre La Défense/Sophiapol)
Directeur de Recherche : Bruno Karsenti (EHESS)
Prof. Emmanuel Renault (Paris Ouest Nanterre La Défense/CERPHI)
Maître de conférence : Jacques-Olivier Bégot (Paris 7/Archives Husserl)
Maître de conférence : Antonia Birnbaum (Paris 8/LLPH)
Maître de conférence : Alexandre Dupeyrix (Paris 4/IRICE)
Maître de conférence : Katia Genel (Paris 1/CHSPM)
Post-doctorant : Isabelle Aubert (ANR/FMSH),